The Unknown Brothers are a songwriting duo consisting of singer and lyricist Andrew Harper and guitarist Ciaran Ryan, from Swansea, UK. They would describe their music as melodic indie pop-rock. Their influences include The Kinks, The Beatles, The Shins and Manics. 60s vibes shine through. 


Good friends first, united by a love of music, the two have dabbled with making music on and off for many years, but recently knuckled down and produced their first album 'These Truths Remain Unspoken', which they recorded, mixed and mastered themselves on a humble Apple iPad (mini).

Despite the minor inconvenience of a global pandemic, they have been flat out writing songs over recent months, which they are currently putting the finishing touches to. 

You can expect monthly releases of great new music. 

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Ciaran and Andrew


Andrew Harper

Lead Vocals, Primary Lyricist

A lover of harmonies and melodies, Andrew's vocal influences include The Manics, The Beatles, Brendan Benson and The Kinks.

Ciaran Ryan

Guitars, Instrumentation, Vocals

Self taught and playing guitar since the Britpop era, Ciaran's influences include British Invasion bands, Pink Floyd, The Shins, The Manics, and Arcade Fire.


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