You sniff around for some offence
That you can take
You're looking for someone to blame
Because you're a snake
You sneak around behind their backs.
You're breaking trust
You just can't help yourself at all
You're flaking rust.
And now there's nothing left but dust

I thought of asking you to come inside
But it was too late

You had already gone.
I thought I'd try and put the past aside
On second thoughts

Perhaps it's best left alone.
It's for the best that we don't open wounds
That have sealed over

A long time ago
Let's just keep moving on and

Not put our feelings on show.

I look up at the mirror
There in front of me.
It's not perfection but I still
Like what I see
But can you say the same?
When you wake up each day?
How must it feel to have to

Turn and look away.
And now there's nothing left to say.

© A. Harper/C. Ryan 2018