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New Song Released: TOXICITY

We're excited to announce our new single 'Toxicity' is out now to stream and download in all the usual places We'd love this to be our most played song yet. Stream it, share it, playlist it, and help us achieve this goal!


COVID has been a challenging time for us, as we haven't been able to get into the same room to make music since lockdown. Luckily, we had a few songs we were working on with vocal takes already down, and Toxicity was one of those. So, happily, we have managed to finish it despite not being able to meet up physically. The wonders of modern technology!

Toxicity is the first song off what will eventually be our (as yet untitled) second album. True to form, it's a stripped down acoustic number with slide guitar and atmospheric piano. We did not want to overproduce the song, hence the minimalist production.

Lyrically, it gets under the skin of a very contemporary modern issue: toxic masculinity. It speculates on the reasons why that behaviour prevails - though, crucially, never seeks to justify it.

We've got plenty more great music to come, so please spread the word and follow us on Spotify, Twitter and Facebook to keep up with our latest.

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Thanks. And we really do mean that. We appreciate all the support we get. Each and every one of you.

All the best,

Ciaran and Andrew

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