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Who are The Unknown Brothers?

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Thanks for stopping by to learn more about us. We are good friends Andrew Harper (singer, lyricist) and Ciaran Ryan (guitars, music) . We're self-confessed music lovers and creators of original music, from Swansea in South Wales.

Our sound is probably best described a melodic indie pop-rock. We write, record and produce all our own music from a small bedroom studio. We make music for our own enjoyment first and foremost. We have no rules when it comes to songwriting, but aim to create short, punchy songs with catchy melodies. We do our best to make our songs sound their best, but we would rather move on and write another song than obsess over the minutiae of production.

Our influences are eclectic and include The Kinks, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, R..E.M, The Manic Street Preachers, Brendan Benson and The Shins. Our music will always be guitar based, because we love the instrument.

In 2019 we released our 20-track debut album These Truths Remain Unspoken, which was all about the acoustic guitar. Since then we have been flat out writing new material, which we will be sharing soon. We think it is our best stuff yet. We will never abandon the acoustic guitar, but the newer songs will favour the electric guitar, while retaining our characteristic sound.

You can expect a regular drip feed of monthly releases over the next year, so follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Bandcamp, and Spotify to keep up to date. You can find our music on all major streaming services and right here on our website.

We are always looking for new music to listen to aswell, so let us know if you want to recommend anything good or connect with us as a fellow musician. We will always reciprocate.


Ciaran and Andrew

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