In 2004, a mutual love of music and an accidental airing of an instrumental acoustic guitar tune Ciaran had recorded on an old Tascam 4-track recorder led to Andrew talking him into taking  the recording away with him on a cassette tape. after one drunken night out.


Best described as' bad Oasis' beforehand, to Ciaran's surprise, Andrew soon returned with a fully fledged song complete with lyrics, and the first they ever wrote together, titled Frustration. They recorded it on a desktop PC running Cubase, using a Line 6 Pod XT for guitars. This early recording was raw, and they had no knowledge of music production, but undeterred, Ciaran was soon talked into sharing a few more ideas he had been playing around with on guitar.

This was the impetus that started a love of songwriting that continues to this day. As the months progressed, they recorded a mix of covers from their favourite musicians, and continued to pen their own songs, all the time learning and refining their skills at recording and producing. Drunken singalong with friends would often take place well into the early hours after nights out in the local pub. 

These sessions led to the release in 2005 of Melting Pot, a 15-track album consisting of half originals including Monkey On My Back, Things Are Better Now, and Bring Back The Days, and half covers including Waterloo Sunset (Kinks), And Your Bird can Sing (Beatles), and Metarie (Brendan Benson).



The songwriting continued full pace through 2006, but the shift was definitely now more towards writing original songs rather than covers. Before they knew it, they had enough of their own songs to fill another album, and in 2007, The Devils In The Details was released.

This featured what they would consider their finest efforts yet, including Force Of Nature, For A Rainbow, and Picking At The Locks

And then shortly after, like for many musicians with families and jobs, something happened which led to the music-making being put on hold for the rest of the decade, summed up best by this quote from the legendary John Lennon:

"Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans..." 



The great thing about music is that it is always there in the heart, waiting to be tapped into when the time is right. In late 2015, during particularly dark and stressful periods in both their lives music became catharsis again, and the ideas started flowing.

The aim was to make an album focused around the acoustic guitar, with catchy melodies and songs that didn't overstay their welcome in length. Life still got in the way, but they persisted, with Andrew taking the half hour drive to meet up on an almost weekly basis. Although it would take them the best part of 2 years to get the album finished, the majority of songs were  written within the first 3 months. 

When it became apparent that they had enough songs to fill two albums, the (admittedly pretentious) decision was made to release it is a double album. The world is a different place now than it was in 2006, and this is reflected in some of the musical and lyrical themes (also, no-one buys discs any more right, but we liked the concept, so we're sticking with it). As some of the songs were lighter in tone than others, the discs were split into Light and Shade to reflect the musical style that best suits. They titled it These Truths Remain Unspoken.

Technology had also come on leaps and bounds since the days of their first efforts, and the album was recorded, mixed and mastered entirely on an iPad Mini, using Garageband iOS. Apogee Jam was used for electric guitar inputs and Apogee Mic for recording vocal and acoustic guitars. Final Touch iOS was used for mastering. Creating an album entirely on an iPad Mini is something they are particularly proud of.



Our album is available right here right now to stream or download for free, or if you wish, at a price of your choosing. You can also find us on most of the major streaming services on the links at the top of this page. 

We make music for the love of it, and our only ambition is to to keep making it and to get as many people  to listen to our songs as possible. Feel free to share our music with others, and if you want to tell us you like any of our songs,  or that we suck worse than, then please get in touch.

What does the future hold for us? Hey, we're realists. We're just two guys with full time jobs and families who feel the need to make music. Two Unknown Brothers. We don't know what the future holds yet but we'll keep you posted.

 Thanks for stopping by. 

The Unknown Brothers

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